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Why does Success Path Consulting use the term Sherpa to describe its consultants?

The word isn’t often used in everyday life, so it wouldn’t surprise us if you’ve never seen or heard the word before. Even if you have, perhaps especially if you have, using the word Sherpa to describe a consultant may seem counterintuitive to you.  So to help place our usage in the proper context let’s start with a basic dictionary definition of the word:

noun \sher-pa
A member of a traditionally Buddhist people of Tibetan descent living on the Himalaya Mountains, who in modern times have achieved world renown as expert guides on Himalayan mountaineering expeditions.

A Useful Point of Clarification: Although we do have a Buddhist on our team, none of us are Tibetan, and none of us offer advice on mountain climbing - at least not yet - so yes, it is a bit of a stretch to say we employ Sherpas. Dictionary exactitude aside, the central function of a Sherpa is what we do best. In our line of work the mountain is a metaphor for the challenges our clients face when trying to get a new job, advance one’s career within a company, or to come to terms with credit, debt, and the bettering of your financial situation. We perform the function of a Sherpa in that we do not climb the mountain for you - or in this case apply for the job, accumulate the wealth, eliminate the credit, or pay down the debt for you. Instead, you benefit from our expert guidance to assist you in determining the best course of action for you to take, a course of action that we refer to as your SUCCESS PATH.

Long story short, on this SUCCESS PATH, we, your consultants, are your Sherpas.

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         The job interview coaching that I received from Success Path was awesome!  The developmental feedback that I received great...
- Jessica Taylor - Irving TX

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