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          Success Path Consulting provided me with a professional cover letter and resume after my recent graduation from college. Their expertise gave me the knowledge I needed for my job search. Knowing what potential employers are looking for gives me that extra edge against competitors for positions. All of their assistance was provided in a timely manner and above and beyond what I expected. Thank you Success Path Consulting for such excellent service!  

- Jennifer Adams - Huntsville, AL

          Before working with Success Path Consulting I was helped by the UMD Career Services. The resume we produced was good, but nothing that would stand out from the crowd. Success Path Consulting helped me create a professional resume that made my experiences glow rather than just exist.

- Max Wagner, Duluth, MN - May 2011

          I spent a combined 14 years with American Express and its spin-off company Ameriprise. As an experienced Vice President of Technologies with an impressive dossier of accomplishments, I knew that an outstanding professional resume was critical to clearly and concisely articulate my strengths. Success Path Consulting provided me with an amazing resume within 24 hours allowing me to jump on an opportunity that had presented itself. Thank you SPC for your speed and high quality product!

- Troy Jenkauski, Director: Bank and Financial Services Europe

          Success Path Consulting has made it very easy to work with them even though I have been living in Chicago. They take advantage of technology by using Skype, emails, text, and the telephone to still ensure the quality of their work. Living so far away you might think it would create some issues, but through their professionalism and customer service it seems like they've been with me every step of the way.

- Max Wagner, Chicago, IL – January 2012

          I have been working with Success Path Consulting for almost a year.  Since we have started working together I have graduated from college, secured an internship, and now have a fulltime job, all in my chosen field.  Mark has been instrumental in helping me navigate these unfamiliar waters.  We have worked together on creating a resume, updating it with my internship experience and just recently with my full time job experience.  In addition when I was applying for many positions we collaborated daily to produce over ten resumes and cover letters, professional crafted to each position I applied for.  There have also been thank you letters, mock interviews, and salary negotiation coaching.  All of these services I have been extremely impressed with.  I wouldn’t keep coming to Success Path Consulting if it didn’t work.

- Robb W. - February 2014

          The job interview coaching that I received from Success Path was awesome!  The developmental feedback that I received greatly improved my performance for the real interview.  I only wish I’d received this coaching earlier in my career.

- Jessica Taylor - Irving TX

          After getting a professional resume from Success Path Consulting I applied to the same company that I had applied to before with my old resume.  The new resume got me an interview and I got the job.  Proved to me that a good resume is worth the money.

- Alex Z. - July 2012

          I have found that following a spending plan is pretty easy.  I am only 8 weeks in and already I feel like we have made progress against my personal goals.

- Sylvia T. - Wealth Creation client

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         I have found that following a spending plan is pretty easy.  I am only 8 weeks in and already I feel like we have made prog...
- Sylvia T. - Wealth Creation client

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